Sophisticated email marketing.

More sales. Less work.

Websand’s marketing automation platform makes it easy to turn the business data you collect every day into increased customer engagement and more sales through data driven marketing.

“We can easily segment our customers based on their profiles, Eventbrite data, and historical interaction meaning we can target more specific groups. The dashboard and data capabilities mean it's simple to track the success (or failure!) of campaigns. Ultimately, the platform is easy to navigate making email creation simple - we'd be lost without it!” Lynsey Morrow, Sales & Marketing Manager Campus North & Tech For Life

The power behind your customer journey

Technology doesn’t need to be a barrier to your marketing strategy any more.

Websand makes it easy to create a powerful marketing strategy driven by the behaviour of your customers. Increase customer engagement by sending your customers timely, targeted content that really works.

Create any marketing process you need – onboard new customers, retain existing customers or create special benefits for those you feel really deserve the VIP treatment.

Open rates 100% above the industry average.

Sit back and watch your response rates skyrocket.

Opens and clicks are important but we all know it’s conversion that counts. That’s why Websand allows you to see the whole picture.

You can judge the success of your marketing by knowing exactly who is buying what.

And it’s automated, saving you time and effort while making you money.

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